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Transleadership Mission

Our mission is to bring principled and values-based leadership to organizations. We create opportunities for leaders and their teams to grow, learn and transform themselves and their organizations for higher purpose, great success, and enhanced impact.

Organizational Statement

    Through knowledge, inquiry, and the consulting relationship, we help others to renew their minds, and thereby to better understand themselves, their relationships, and the systems that maintain their circumstances. We hear the values-based significance of our client's experiences. With character, integrity, and creativity we help leaders to transform themselves and their responses to their circumstances.

Philosophy of Leadership Transformation

    TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. partners with corporate and other leaders to transform individuals and organizations for the leadership opportunities of the future. We help leaders make tough decisions, reach ambitious goals, and maximize the opportunities presented by change. Through challenge, action, and vision we help leaders to increase their self-knowledge, build personal character and inner strength, identify personal purpose, and enlarge their capacity for growth, learning, and wisdom. We help organizations better understand their strengths and development needs, their goals, objectives, and values. Through this process, companies increase productivity, retain more of the best employees and strategic partners, and successfully pursue market opportunities.

Business Card Description

    Through the change in color from blue to white, the TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. business card depicts movement from darkness to light. This movement symbolizes the result of renewing the mind. As one discovers the truth, one is enlightened and one is set free.

    The olive branches represent the beginnings of new life and new directions just as the dove brought back an olive branch to Noah's ark to symbolize new growth and a time to begin again.

    The center of the card, the logo, is gold to represent the pure gold of our refined character. We go through the fires of life to burn off impurities and to reveal the precious metal. When the fine gold appears, we are ready to fulfill our unique purpose in life. The process of refinement is continuous. Sometimes we are more cognizant of burning off the impurities and at other times, we are more cognizant of the shining pure gold of our experiences. Without character development, there is no pure gold.

    The business card is printed on textured paper to symbolize the many experiences we have in life. Our lives are painted on a canvas of diverse and challenging experiences that teach and inform us about the process of transformation.

TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. specializes in leadership transformations: We help leaders transform themselves and their organizations. Our unique services focus on uncovering the strengths of leadership through the use of sound principles, effective guidance and, values-based character.