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Transleadership Services

Direct Coaching

    Direct coaching and follow-up assists in implementing changes and results in building capacity for self-sufficiency.

Measurable Outcomes

    Measurable Outcomes result in significant impact and improvement in targeted areas. Individual and Organizational Assessments assess the current state of your organization and help to identify observable and measurable change markers to get where your organization wants to be in the future.

Senior Manager Coaching

    We coach newly promoted senior managers on how to adapt the leadership skills of motivation, communication, coaching, dealing with difficult employees, decision-making, delegating, and team-building to a wider scope of people, responsibilities, and accountabilities. In addition, we provide tools and processes for effective time management and balancing the competing values of the business and personal environments.


    Our leadership development interventions help you build stronger organizational systems. TRANSLEADERSHIP INC makes it possible for senior executives to foresee the opportunities resulting from market changes, demographic shifts, innovation, and new technology. Through asking the right questions and sharing observations and insights, we help you to increase your problem-solving effectiveness and ability to think more strategically about your business.

    Our interventions are designed to help participants learn how to:
  • Clarify their vision and goals
  • Assess how personal goals match with corporate goals
  • Fine-tune communication skills
  • Resolve conflicts with others
  • Inspire and accomplish corporate teamwork
  • Use the power of influence and persuasion
  • Enhance critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Problem-solve more effectively
  • Retain the best employees
  • Successfully pursue new market opportunities

100% customized consulting and training aligns organizations around common language, concepts and leadership models, and provides an organizational road map for large or small-scale culture change.

TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. listens to your concerns and goals and analyzes your organizational needs before suggesting any course of action. Our focus is always on providing practical solutions with measurable results.


Four specific services we offer are:

Review a case study of how we have used these services with one of our clients:

Services for Special Groups

    Women and People of Color

    The rules and challenges are often different for women and people of color. We specialize in keeping abreast of relevant research to help you be more successful and effective in your organization. We also work with leadership teams to help them create more inclusive environments. We see leading diversity as an important responsibility of line leadership. Diverse teams bring the level of innovation and creativity needed to address the business challenges and competition of today and tomorrow. We can help you to better retain the top quality people you attract. Find out what you need to know to succeed in developing and motivating a diverse workforce.

    Christian Leaders and Christian-based Businesses

    We have an interest in helping Christian leaders and Christian organizations fulfill their leadership purpose within the context of their Christian values and beliefs. Some of our consultants are committed Christians and are able to talk to Christians from a Biblical perspective. For interested clients, we address leadership principles and strategies within a Biblical context. We use examples from the business world as well as from the Bible.